Shit Creek Survivor Sign - Blue

Shit Creek Survivor Sign - Blue


The perfect gift for yourself or your friend that has just made it through a difficult time in their life.  We sell these to cancer survivors, divorcees, veterans, and many other people who haven't told us their stories yet!

Hand painted, hand weathered, with 6 layers of paint.  We work very hard on these signs to make each a custom art piece for your home or man cave or office!  These signs measure 7" x 10". Perfect for the office, man cave, bookshelf or really anywhere.  

Made from reclaimed plywood gathered from contractors after jobs to be thrown away.  Note this is reclaimed plywood, so there are imperfections, such as holes, cracks, and slight bowing in some boards.  This sign is made completely from plywood and hand painted by me. Sign measures 7" wide x 10" tall.

Due to natural variations in the wood and paint and sanding process, your sign may differ slightly from the sign shown here.  We maintain our quality and guarantee that you will love the sign you receive!

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