Custom City Limit Signs

Custom City Limit Signs


Every single order will be custom made for your requested town.   What a great gift for someone who just moved away, or is moving in as a reminder of their old home town, or their birth place!  These vintage looking custom made signs are the perfect gift for yourself or your Best Friends!  Their neutral style decor make them the perfect fit for any color scheme!

Hand painted, hand weathered, and polyurethaned for outdoor use.  We work very hard on these signs to make each a custom art piece for your home or man cave or office!  These signs measure 16" wide by 11" tall.

Made from reclaimed plywood after jobs to be thrown away.  Note this is reclaimed plywood,  so there are imperfections, such as holes, cracks, old nails and slight bowing in some boards. 

Due to natural variations in the wood and paint and sanding process, your sign may differ slightly from the sign shown here.  We maintain our quality and guarantee that you will love the sign you receive!

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