Custom Handmade Baseball Bat

Custom Handmade Baseball Bat

from 115.00

Completely handmade on a lathe in our shop!

3 Options are available for these bats, Please read carefully:

Decorative Wood:  This bat will be made out of old reclaimed Pine.  This will be made out of 4 pieces of wood, glued together, and then formed into a bat.  This is made from old wood with unique characteristics, such as nail holes, etc.  This bat will have a natural waxed wood finish. 

Solid Wood:  This bat will be made out of a solid piece of wood.  (birch, ash, maple, etc) The solid wood has more flex and vibration than the glued bat.  You can specify a specific type of wood for this bat.  If no wood is specified via email after you place your order, we will choose for you.

Custom Finish Solid:  This bat will be made from a solid piece of wood, and you will work closely with us on the final design requests.  The bat can be burned, as it was in the photos to the left, painted, etc.

Disclaimer:  This is a wooden bat.  If you are too manly and strong, it can break.  Perhaps trim your beard a bit before taking the bat out for a spin.

Type of Bat:
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