Hagrid Quote Sign from Harry Potter - Red

Hagrid Quote Sign from Harry Potter - Red


Hagrid was always one of my most favorite characters from the books.  This is his take on "It is what it is" and I love his no nonsense approach.  Wait to worry!  We'll be ready when it comes.  I love it.

Made from reclaimed wood gathered from contractors after jobs. We are happy to reuse and recycle their old wood!  This sign is made completely from plywood. Sign measures 16" tall x 11" wide. Ask me about custom colors and sayings.  We are happy to customize this sign to match your home decor!  Or to make a sign with a custom quote or scripture that your family loves!

These signs are all hand crafted by me, painted with several layers of paint, hand sanded, crackled to achieve the perfect rustic worn look for your home decor.  They are coated with polyurethane for durability and to help the paint colors really pop.  They have a keyhole hanging slot on the back of the sign.  Average thickness of the signs is 1/2" or slightly more.  Most of my customers are surprised by the weight and quality of each sign.  I take pride in what I do!

**Each sign is individually made.  Due to variations in wood due to wormholes, warping, nicks, scratches from saws, temperature and humidity, your sign may vary slightly from the sign pictured.  We try very hard to maintain a very high level of quality and consistency.**

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