Tiny Farmhouse Milk Sign

Tiny Farmhouse Milk Sign


Not everyone has a huge farmhouse.  But everyone loves the neutral and rustic farmhouse decor!  These signs were made for the people who want tiny farmhouse signs for their smaller spaces.  OR, if you have a huge farmhouse and want these smaller signs for your shelves or gallery wall, they are perfect for you!!

Each sign will vary in size and features slightly because they are made using old oak from reclaimed pallet wood.  Some will have nails, some won't, some may be slightly warped depending on the wood.  The others in the Farmhouse Series may be purchased separately.

These signs range in size from 3-5" tall and 8-24" wide, depending on the word.

Made from reclaimed plywood and barnwood and pallets; gathered from contractors after jobs to be thrown away.  Note this is reclaimed plywood, so there are imperfections, such as holes, cracks, and slight bowing in some boards. 

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