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My philosophy is simple.  It is my duty as your Licensed Real Estate Agent to create the highest quality imagery, video and social media buzz marketing materials that will paint a perfect picture of what makes your property unique. in order to see the highest rate of return on your investment in your home, and to get that sucker sold as fast as humanly possible!  We don't want one offer, we want MANY.

Photo courtesy of Jake Felts of Felts Photography

Photo courtesy of Jake Felts of Felts Photography

Heather Kingston

Heather Kingston was born and raised in the beautiful northwest corner of the US in Idaho’s rugged northern panhandle. After high school, she moved to Utah to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology.  She and her husband then moved to Los Angeles where she worked at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, and then as part of the opening team for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Brentwood. As her family soon grew to include four beautiful, amazingly talented, and smart children, Heather elected to be a stay-at-home mom. Still needing to satisfy her entrepreneurial spirit, she created businesses that would allow her to work from home, including a medical billing business.

As her children grew, Heather discovered she had an artist’s eye for seeing beyond the lens of a camera; the pictures she snapped of her kids garnered much praise. This positive attention fueled her insatiable appetite for knowledge about all things photographic, leading her on a quest to learn everything she could about her newest passion - portrait photography. Her goal? To one day expand that passion into a rewarding career.

After ten years of enjoying the beach, sunshine, and mountains of Los Angeles, Heather and her family moved to the great state of Texas, settling down in Weatherford. Still immersed in furthering her knowledge and improving her skills with a camera, she ultimately achieved her goal and discovered what it meant to run a successful studio and portrait business. In her words, “I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!” And, for the past fifteen years, she has loved helping her clients create timeless images.

 In 2014, a REALTOR® from Clark Real Estate Group approached Heather about using her artist’s eye to take portrait-quality photographs of real estate for marketing purposes. Newly single, she was eager for the challenge. As her reputation grew for enhancing a REALTOR®’s listings with her skillful photographic techniques, demand for her services spread among Clark’s other agents. Shooting primarily real estate kept her schedule fully booked, thus providing her the means to support her family. But beyond putting bread on the table, she found that this type of photography and marketing fed her entrepreneurial soul in other ways. So, in 2017, she acquired a Texas Real Estate License. Now, her own clients and family will benefit from her extensive photography, videography, and marketing skills. With her background as a full time professional photographer, coupled with her experience photographing and marketing real estate, Heather’s clients will have a huge advantage of having an agent who will spare nothing to market their properties in the most cutting edge, professional, and technologically advanced way possible. After two years of continued growth and learning, she was super excited to join the team at Puma Properties Group with Keller Williams Realty DFW!

Pair of Spades Brady Bunch

Shad and I met in 2014 in the midst of our own personal divorces.  We met at a camera club that I started with my two photographer buddies one night when I was teaching about night photography.  God was smiling down on us that night, because he knew we shared a similar story, and that the next year would be the most difficult of our lives, and that we needed each other to lean on in order to make it through.  Shad is a woodworker, artist, photography enthusiast, and the best father I've ever seen.  Our blended family is never without a healthy dose of crazy with our 6 kids between the two of us, our 15 chickens, 6 cats (not all indoor!!), and 3 dogs.  And if 6 kids weren't enough, pretty much every weekend and many school days we have several buddies over, running around with our kids on the land.  We are so glad our kid's friends all want to come here!

Shad and I have such similar values and talents, we quickly joined forces and started the Pair of Spades.  Real Estate, Photography and Woodworking!

Our oldest started college and is attending the University of Texas in Austin, with our second daughter soon to follow, and I quickly realized how much that debt will add up for her and how quickly.  This is the main driving force behind me switching from full time portrait photography to becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent for Clark Real Estate.  Everything we do, we do for our family, and this is no exception.  I work hard, and quickly, and I will hustle to benefit my family.  Each day that we have together is a blessing!!

photo courtesy Jake Felts of Felts Photography

photo courtesy Jake Felts of Felts Photography

Prepare to have fun...

I have never known a stranger.  I like to laugh, and even better I love making the people that I'm with laugh until their bellies hurt.  I'm silly, sarcastic and have a wicked dry sense of humor, and I believe no matter what you do, you can have fun doing it.  If we are out looking for a new house together, I guarantee we will have fun doing it.  If you are selling your house due to divorce, or to downsize, or move up, I will hold your hand and guide you through it because I have been there.  I know that sometimes pain and fear are involved.  This is a huge deal selling or buying a house!!  But even more importantly, I know what is on the other side, and I can tell you, life is going to be amazing once you get there.  Let me do my job, market your property to the best of my ability, and advise you through the selling or buying process, and let's find your family their new "best place on earth" home.  (for me, that's our amazing Pair of Spades Ranch).

My marketing plan for your listing includes a 4 tier approach, with you as a partner in that plan.  To find out more, and/or to schedule an appointment, please use the form below, or even better give me a call as soon as you can, and let's get you on the schedule!

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