4 Tier Marketing Plan

85% of home sellers hire the very first real estate agent that they meet with.  For most people, selling a home is the highest dollar deal they will ever do in their lives, yet people are hiring the first agent they meet!  If you are seeing Real Estate Agents offering you a “free marketing analysis,” in exchange for a phone call, in my view…  those tactics are dead.  Their marketing ideas are from 1980.  Of course I’m going to give you a market analysis.  That is my JOB as your agent.  To advise you to the best of my ability, to guide you through this process, but most importantly, my job is to create the most beautiful images, videos and tell the story of your property to every person that views it, either online or in person.  I will paint a picture that will leave the buyer without a doubt able to envision their family in your home or building their dream home on your acreage. 

Before we even get to the below marketing steps, our first step is research.  Find out how homes are priced in your area.  Which ones are receiving the most traffic?  How do those homes compare to yours?  How quickly are homes selling in your neighborhood and at what price point?  Average days on the market?  Etc.  Once we have found the perfect price for your property, we will start to create excitement...  before and after it goes on the market.  The days of placing a sign in the yard, holding the occassional open house and waiting for phone calls are over.

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Step 1 - Virtual Open House

Upon the signing of the listing agreement, when the house is completely staged and ready to be photographed, I will hold a Facebook LIVE video open house walk through of the property.  This is an integral step to get our audience engaged and excited to see this property that is "Coming Soon" to the market, preparing them to set up appointments to see it before it's even on the market!  It's also a really cool interactive way to have people asking questions about the property, where it's located, etc, and I can interact with a large audience in real time!  You will be a big part of this step, sharing my Facebook live media across your social network platforms to get more people engaged in real time, and asking your friends to share it also while it is LIVE! 

Step 2 - Create beautiful magazine quality imagery

Create the best, and most professional images you've ever seen.  This has been my profession for the past 15 years.  I cringe every time I see a house with horrible photos!  This (in my view) is the listing agent's number one job!  Present a clear and beautiful array of photos to display the very best your home and property has to offer the buyers.  We want them ALL placing offers, and our phones to ring off the hook because they are sold before they even step foot into the home!

Step 3 - Full scale video production of the property

Create a marketing video similar to the above video.  Future video productions will feature me as the agent speaking and giving snippets of a tour through the best areas of the home.  It doesn't matter if you have a $100,000 property, or a $750,000 property!  Each property is unique and will be featured in its own production!  This is hands down the best way to showcase the land, the views, the home and create excitement for this property!

Step 4 - Create a beautiful landing page for your property

When your property is live on the MLS, we all want to share it, but no one likes to look at the MLS!  Reading the short cropped description is almost painful.  It is a necessary tool to help other agents find us, but I will create a page that YOU will be proud to showcase, one that you will share on social media sites saying:  "Look how beautiful our house is, and it's on the market!  Please share it with anyone that you know that is looking in our area!"  Your personal blog page will be one that tells a story and paints the complete picture, so that anyone reading it will be able to imagine their family living there and LOVING it.

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This is my plan for each and every client.  I can't wait to get started for you!  Call my number below, or use the form below to set up an appointment.  I look forward to meeting you very soon!

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