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Buying a home can be a very stressful process!  Finding that perfect place, figuring out the best offer you can make, competing against other offers, negotiating through the option period, having all of the inspections done, second guessing your decisions...  I am here with you on every step of the way.  Constantly researching for my clients so we don't offer more than it is worth, making sure our contract is the strongest offer we can present, and then guiding you through the rest all the way until the closing date, when you are handed the key to your new home!  This is my calling.  I absolutely love what I do.

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Step 1

Pre-approval process and initial consultation.  Finding out what is on your wishlist, and making sure you can afford those things is key.  The last thing I want would be for you to be over extended.  Let's figure out your budget, and then find the most perfect place in that price range!


Step 2

Now that we know where we are financially, it's time for the adventures!  You and I both will be searching the MLS and internet finding places to go check out together.  Once we find "the one" we will put together our offer!


Step 3

Once our offer is accepted, we enter the Contract to Close stage.  We order inspections, we review them together and put together our "fix it list" for the sellers.  Once they agree upon those changes and we get out of the option period, the time flies to closing!

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