Stars and Stripes

Every woodworker makes special piles in their shop, some nicer looking than others.  One pile to be trashed and the other to be saved for that certain project that we've been putting off for months. I have a hard time letting go of what others see as trash and that got me thinking.    

Strips of oak, knotty pine, and poplar littered the floor.  As I tried to sweep them up my broom snapped in two.  Thats when I noticed the "Made in China" sticker on the handle.  Right then with my chest out and chin up I knew it was my duty as a tax paying United States citizen to make something that shouts "Made in the USA."   

 Not really, I just saw the strips on the ground and thought to myself this looks like a flag.  Besides, a couple of the boards in the pile were already painted white and red from previous projects so it was kind of a given.  Either way It was fun to do and the kids loved helping me make it.  Finished with several coats of furniture wax to preserve it.  This piece will look great on a mantle or could be the centerpiece of any wall in you home.  We plan on making a Texas flag next.  What would you like to see us make?

Measuring in at 38" wide by 22" tall by 2.5" thick.

We can do custom sizes, Just ask!