Abandoned beauties

Between shootings weddings, commercial marketing, or just our normal daily errands, we are always on the road going somewhere.  More times than not we like to take the backroads with the windows down and the music up.  Sure it makes for a longer trip but we get to see things most people have long forgotten.  Like this old abandoned elementary school in the middle of nowhere.  We didn't even know this place existed, until I came upon this older gentleman poking along the road in his truck.   I asked him if he knew who owned the abandoned buildings littering the street we were standing on and if he thought it would be OK if we took some pictures.  He smiled and said "I own these buildings, and you are more than welcome to rumage around.  Then he politely added "just watch for snakes, they're real bad right now."  I shook his hand and he walked away but then slowly turned around and said "If you really want to see something awesome go across the street to the elementary school, but seriously watch for snakes, they live under the floorboards."  Armed with nothing more than an iPhone and some nike airs we ventured through the tall grass until we made it to the front steps.  Here is what we found.