Parker County Tennis Association - Weatherford TX

Do you love Tennis?!  We do!  Have you been looking for a place to play in Parker County?  We spent some time talking to the folks in Weatherford and the President of the Parker County Tennis Association, Ken Bryson to share what their goals for the PCTA are and the future of Tennis in Weatherford Texas!

When our son Cam started playing tennis in 7th grade last year, it renewed Shad's long held passion for the game and got me (Heather) out there playing also!!  Shad is one of the most innately talented tennis players I've ever seen, and is at the same time probably the worst tennis coach or teacher that you could possibly have.  Which is why I'm SO HAPPY we found the Parker County Tennis Association!  I actually joined the board and have been helping them with their social media management and helping them get the word out for all of their events.  Getting to know these men has been an absolutely pleasure.  Most of them have been playing and coaching tennis for YEARS, and they are all the most friendly, helpful, and awesome coaches.  They know exactly how to tell you to change your grip, or change your stance to completely change your game!  So come on out!  There is absolutely something for everyone, in every age, and every skill level!

Reoccurring events each month:

  • Second Saturday of the month FREE Kid's Skills Clinic, 9:30-11am at Soldier Springs Tennis Courts.
  • Monday Nights Men's Doubles!  No Partner needed, and you are partnered and grouped by skill level! 7-9pm, Soldier Springs Tennis Courts
  • Tuesday Nights Mixed Doubles!  Again, no partner needed and all skill levels are welcomed!  You will learn something new every single time!  7-9pm, Soldier Springs Tennis Courts.  Come out, have fun and make some new friends with all of us that love tennis!
  • Mixed Doubles Competition Tournament!  Held a couple times per year.  This event is fun, exciting and exhausting.  Competitors are grouped into Intermediate and Advanced, each partnership plays the other, pro sets to 8, and winners are picked based on overall score after all games and sets are completed!  Prizes for 1-3 place and a raffle to win the big prize!
  • Private Skill Drill Lessons - Private lessons for children/teens are usually coached by Rocky Walker, the PCTA Vice President, at an hourly rate, contact him for more details and schedules.  817-999-9959
  • Group Skill Drills - Groups of 8 teens and adults can get together and contact our President for these drills, and trust me, you will learn SO much!  They are super affordable with a group of 8, they meet twice a week for a couple weeks.  Contact Ken Bryson for pricing and scheduling: 817-901-4548.

Best of all, this is a non-profit organization that costs NOTHING to join, all positions are volunteer positions and all of the people on the board work very hard for our community trying to instill the love of tennis in everyone who comes!

Be sure to follow our Facebook Page for the latest events!