Learning to Fly - Which Private Pilot License program in DFW is the best?!

It’s been a passion of mine since I was little kid.  After 20 years of putting it off, I've finally decided to get my private pilots license, or the PPL. I plan to document the journey and tell my story as I go through this process as best as I know how. With both of us being full time REALTORS and juggling 6 kids, time is not always on our side. Come along with me on this adventure. Filmed with my iPhone and narration help from our 7 year old son.

Right now I am researching the different programs, and the costs associated with each and trying to figure out the best plan for our family! My first “discovery flight” was done at Spinks Flight Center in Burleson Texas, and as you can tell from the video above, I loved it. I am considering the school at the Parker County Airport here in Weatherford Texas, because it’s very close, and I really liked the way they focus so much on ground school knowledge and making sure you know what you should about operating the airplane before you even go up in the air. I’ve also explored the possibility of just enrolling full time at the ATP Flight school in Arlington, (Airline Transport Professionals) which allows you to finance the entire program up front and possibly be flying commercially within 2 years! That would be a pretty amazing process to go through! So far all of the Certified Flight Instructors, or CFI’s have been awesome!

Stay with me on this journey! Our next adventure will be to attend the Red Bull Air Races event held at the Texas Motor Speedway in November 2018! Come join us!