A Visit and Review of The Shops at Clearfork in Fort Worth


Finally, a day with no appointments but still plenty to do. Cuddled in bed enjoying the rain tapping on the windows and the sound of silence. Yeah, that didn’t last long…

We were called about a property in Fort Worth so off we went. Luckily we get to work together, some may say NO WAY! For us, it’s different. We both have our own strengths and together we get stuff done. From the day we met we have always collaborated our endeavors. After our appoinment we decided to go to the Shops at Clearfork to get a taste of how the other side lives.

Heather went on a lunch meeting to an amazing restaurant in the shops of Clearfork only days before. Ever since she got home she has been raving about wanting to take me back there. What better day than today.

She took me to a place called B&B Butchers and Restaurant. Let’s be honest, it’s not our normal hangout. I can’t remember the last time I walked past a Neiman Marcus and past a Tiffany’s & Co. security guard to eat lunch. Man I’m glad I actually ironed my shirt today…

The place was welcoming, full of rustic decor and the walls were lined with antique planks of wood. My kind of place. We were escorted by the host to our swank little table next to the window where I watched raindrops chase each other down the towering planks of glass. We started off with a plate of bacon as thick as your pinky finger.

You know sometimes at home when you tear open the package of bacon and there is that one strip as thick as your finger? You slowly look around to make sure no one noticed because that’s the one you will cook in secret just for yourself. Yeah you know what I’m talking about. The entire plate of bacon was thick, perfectly broiled, slightly soft but also crisp, topped with melted and bubbly blue cheese and swimming in truffle infused honey. I’m pretty sure whatever we were talking about before the plate arrived was lost in translation of Mmmm’s…. and OMG’s!

Our main course arrived, and honestly I was content with the savory taste of bacon still on my lips. I ordered the B&B “steak” house salad. Yes, the steak is in quotations because you literally get two filet mignons surrounded by greenery, crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes and a basalmic viniagrette. Again, whatever conversations we were having came to a screeching halt once we both started on our main courses. It was only interrupted with “omg you have to try this”. She had the Crab Louie which consisted of asparagus, tomato, boiled eggs, capers, avocado and jumbo lump crab. It was all delightfully delicious!

Then we got the bill…. Holy SH*T we could have gone to Rosa’s with the whole family at least three times! But man was it Delicious.

We decide to walk off our expensive calories around the shops. Right across the street was a Starbucks. I’ve had Starbucks maybe four times my entire life, not because I have something against them, no. Mainly because it’s coffee. Coffee is coffee to me. I caved into the giant starbucks craze and ordered a pumpkin spice latte. You know that one everyone posts pictures about on facebook this time of year? I took a picture too. What threw me for a loop was the place was PACKED, but not a single person was talking. They all had headphones in staring at anything apple has ever produced, oh well. I’d rather fill seats around a fire pit and and tell stories about times before phones. Speaking of that, here’s my starbucks pic for facebook. :-)

We made our way around passing the Tesla store and a whole bunch of stuff I’ve never heard of, but it looked nice. Somehow we managed to find ourselves in a very modern furniture store.

We were immediately greeted and all I could think of was “Did i just time warp 45 years into the past, was I on the set of Mad Men?” Heather loved it, I didn’t get it. Luckily the man working with us had a good sense of humor when I referenced everything I could having to do with anything from 1950’s. I’ll have to admit, the more I looked around the more I could appreciate the bright colors, straight lines and simplicity of it all. Its definitely not for me, but it may work for you. Mitchell Gold +Bob Williams home furnishings is certainly worth a look if you pass by. Heather loved the Mid-Century Modern look, especially in the houses over in the Ridglea at 7th street areas of Fort Worth. And this store is perfect to furnish those cool homes!

Our last stop for the day was a place called Mizzen+Main. Yeah I wasn’t excited either, mainly because it was just another person’s name on a building and I had no idea what I was walking into. Oh look a giant store full of shirts, lots and lots of shirts. Then all of a sudden I felt one, it stretched, it was lightweight. I was in love. It was like under armour made babies with a fancy collared shirt. They’r’e not cheap, but wow do they feel nice. Best of all they serve you beer while you shopped! Heather has a client that wears these shirts, and ever since she found them, here is another thing she was excited to get me! (Am I the luckiest man ever?!) After picking out our favorite shirts, we rounded back to the car and enjoyed our peaceful afternoon of delicious lunch, shops, no fighting or yelling from the crazy kids and headed back home.

If you haven’t checked out the Shops at Clearfork, you definitely have to try them! They are right on the Trinity River, and there is also a trail head walkway, and many other things that we haven’t even seen yet!

Here is a link to their website for more info on the shops and activities!