Is Elder Care in Your Near Future?

Do you have an older parent and are you are considering moving them to an Assisted Living Facility?  Let us help take some of the pain out of that process for you!  (Emotionally AND Physically!)


No one likes to move.  Moving a parent or another family member can be a lot worse.  With the pressures and demands of life today, taking time to move a family member can be extremely challenging. 

Moving at any age requires physical effort, mental sharpness, and lots of lots of energy.

While many seniors are in excellent health during a move, having the physical stamina, the body parts all in working order (the back for one), and the mental where-with-all can be most intimidating.

Many times, family is no longer across town or across the street, they are often across the state, across the country, and even across the world.  If they are local, they  are usually occupied with dual careers, getting kids off to soccer, and the pace of life as we know today.

This is why we have created our Senior Relocation Program, designed to help your aging parent, and support you through the selling and moving process.

To help support our seniors and their loved ones, we have created a stream lined home listing process that keeps you in the loop on every detail.

  1.  We will meet with you in person, or electronically if necessary.  If you are located out of town or out of state, we can/will include you in each meeting via FaceTime or another video conferencing software to be sure that you are kept up to date with all decisions.
  2.  IF Durable Power of Attorney is necessary, be sure to have those forms all complete once we start the listing and selling process.  We can handle ALL paperwork and signatures electronically, as well as coordinate a remote closing once the home sells.

If the thought of sorting through items, cleaning the home, and moving your loved one to the Assisted Living Facility feels completely overwhelming, we can help with that too!

Let "The Give Back Girls" take this stress off your shoulders!

Why are we calling ourselves "The Give Back Girls?"

For each transaction that we close, whether representing buyers or sellers, a portion of EACH transaction's commission will be donated to a charity that directly helps the people of Parker County.

Our Platinum Relocation Service includes:

  • Hire and coordinate movers to pack and move all of your loved one's personal items into the Assisted Living Facility
  • Hire and coordinate a junk removal company to take away all of the "leftovers" and unwanted items
  • Hire cleaners and landscapers if needed to prepare the home for showings.
  • Professionally stage, photograph and market this home.

**If these services aren't necessary for your family, and you only need us to professionally stage, photograph, market and sell the home, we are happy to accommodate your needs and will continue to keep you in the loop on every decision that affects your loved one.**

***These services will be provided and paid for by us at the time of service.  Please be aware that a slightly different commission rate will be required to reimburse for these expenses.***

****These services are not age dependent!  We are happy to provide these services for ALL of our valued clients!  Just let us know and we will be there!****

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