Cracked Foundation?! Clay soil in Texas will do that!

Foundation FAQ's with Trusted Foundation Repair

In Weatherford Texas and around Parker County, we have thick clay soils that are constantly expanding and contracting which can wreak havoc on your foundation.  There are quite a few things that you really do need to do to protect your investment.  We hear it over and over again, but might not pay attention to the magnitude of the damage that can be caused by not taking these steps to protect your home!

  1. Pay attention to cracks inside your home appearing.  That usually is the first clue something is shifting.
  2. Inspect the exterior and look for cracks in the bricks and mortar.
  3. Inspect the windows of the house and see if they are pulling away from the brick.
  4. Inspect the freeze board (this is the part that looks like trim on the very top of the brick wall, between the brick and the attic eaves)  and look to see if they are being pushed away from each other.
  5. Make sure all of your gutters extend at least 4 feet from your foundation.  It is integral to direct that water away from your foundation!  (that was our biggest mistake!)
  6. DON'T WAIT to call a professional.  The longer you wait, the more your house will shift and the more piers it will take to correct your foundation.  I've seen houses that have only $2500 worth of damage wait two years to get it done and then the quote is $7500...  Get it done early and get it done right.

This past week, we had the foundation repaired on our home that was built in 1975.  We had 18 piers put in around our home to lift and stabilize it and while Pete with Trusted Foundation Repair was out here, I took the time to interview him so you could all learn from the process.  Find out what to look for, see the warning signs on my home and call him to come give you a free quote!