Epic Water Bottle Challenge!! Texas version

Or maybe it's not so epic.  Summertime is hard to keep the kids happy when you don't have a pool and it's 100* outside every day in Texas.  Our boys have stayed busy by having friends over, and before we knew it they had recruited everyone in the house to either get involved in this water bottle flip challenge, or film their "scenes" for their debut youtube video.  Either way, we think they are adorable.

But we also think they should be.... cleaning their rooms, learning how to change a tire, emptying the dishwasher, wiping cabinets, putting away laundry, cleaning their bathroom, emptying trash, sweeping the floor.  Basically they could be doing ANYTHING productive, but they chose to do this instead.  <3

PS - Yes I know the thumbnail had NOTHING to do with the water bottle video, but I had to pick one!!