Pair Of Spades Podcast released a new Epi!!

Did ya'll know that Shad and I have a podcast on Itunes?  We totally do.  We have 11 episodes out now.  We initially started it as a way to help others going through their divorces, because as we know, divorces are a scary, horrible, gut wrenching, heart breaking thing to go through, and it feels like the only people that can truly understand and offer advice are people who have gone through it.  The first10 episodes have something to do with divorce or getting to know us. 

We took an 8 month hiatus, because we got super busy with our work, and then we ended up wanting to change the concept of our podcast away from divorce topics.  We will still focus on family rearing, blended family issues, dealing with ex-s, but mostly we just want to talk about topics that are cool to us (and a lot that we disagree on!), and keep this podcast thing going!

Last night we published Episode 11, where we catch you up on our lives over the past 8 months.  We sure have fun making them, and we hope you have fun listening.  Podcasts are what we listen to in the shop and in our cars about 95% of the time.  There's so much amazing content out there!!

Find us on iTunes here: Pair of Spades Podcast

If you find that you love us, please comment and/or rate our show and share it on social media!  (We want sponsors!  LOL)  We are currently designing t-shirts and hats for our show and logo and they will be available on our website soon! 

But seriously...  Isn't Shad the handsomest guy in that pic above?!  :-)  I'm a lucky girl<3


PS--  PLEASE comment below and give us topics you would love to hear us discuss!  Also feedback is awesome. 

PPS- I appologize in advance for how many times I say literally, and the word "like"  I'm sorry!  I'm working on it!

PPPS-  I still think the picture below is a WAY better cover for our podcast.  Don't you?!